Music: Call Me a Dog, The Temple of Dog

When two of the biggest stalwarts of rock, Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder, decide to make music together, the result is nothing short of magnum opus. With hit tracks like ‘Hunger Strike’ and ‘Reach Down’, Temple of the Dog, the only album of the collaboration band of the same name is a masterpiece in its own right. However, if there is one track on the album which did not get the attention it deserved, it is ‘Call Me a Dog’. Chris Cornell pens down his trademark profound, albeit, oblique lyrics for this song about unrequited love in the midst of low self esteem and coming to terms with everything you are but would rather not be. The music is melancholic yet assertive with the soulful piano working its way beautifully through Mike McCready’s raw yet melodic guitar. Cornell’s vocals, however, are the undisputable icing on the cake.  ‘Call Me A Dog’ is nothing less than a minor revelation in Chris Cornell’s singing and song writing abilities. A must hear for all Cornell fans in particular and music lovers in general.

Neehar Mishra | SIMC Ink



Book: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, Kim Edwards

In her debut novel, American author Kim Edwards spins a gripping and moving tale of a family torn apart by tragedy. David and Norah are a happily married couple, bracing the birth of their first child, Phoebe. When David discovers that their newborn daughter suffers from Down’s Syndrome, he decides to give the child away to a nurse and pretends to Norah that she died on birth. David’s secret however, drives him into a shell of silence, and the couple away from each other. Norah, unable to recover from the loss, continually feels her ‘dead’ daughter’s presence, which prevents her from embracing her new life with her husband and second child. Meanwhile, Phoebe continues to live on, in another part of the world, oblivious to the present of her biological parents.

Edwards has a unique ability of brining alive the most complex of emotions, leaving the reader overwhelmed from the very first page. Read it to find out how one secret has the power to set off a chain of events that can destroy even the strongest of relationships.

Soumya Rao | SIMC Ink


Movie: The Big Leabowski, Joel Coen

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, John Goodman

Script: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen (The Coen Brothers)

Some films are destined to be a bigger success through underground appreciation. If the filmmakers got a penny for every time someone highly recommended these films over a casual conversation, they’d be calling themselves James Cameron. And that’s the beauty of watching a film like The Big Lebowski.

The Big Lebowski surrounds Jeffery Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) or the Dude as he refers to himself and prefers everyone to refer to him as. He gets caught up in a series of events because he shares his name with a millionaire. From the casting to the dialogues to the surrealistic depiction of what can only be summed up as being inside a stoner’s head, the entire experience makes you go “whaaaa?” in a salutary way.  Watch The Big Lebowski for a bizarre, one-of-a-kind film experience

Swetha Ramakrishnan | SIMC Ink